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Greenleaf Primary School

Greenleaf Primary

Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School

Extra-Curricular Clubs

All of our children have the opportunity to take part in the many Arts clubs at Greenleaf. The children attend these clubs at lunch time or after school. This gives our children a chance to try something new, pursue an interest, meet new friends and to take part in some fantastic experiences. We are very lucky to be able to offer such a wide range of clubs and we know our children thoroughly enjoy attending. 

Music Clubs

At Greenleaf, all children have the opportunity to learn an instrument with their whole class. If they wish to continue this they can attend the following after school clubs.


Orchestra is on every Monday afternoon from 3:30pm until 4:30pm. We play a variety of classical pieces, most recently Night on Bare Mountain, and also shorter ensemble pieces to increase our musical skills. The orchestra perform at our school music concerts twice a year and at the Summer Music Service Concert in the Town Hall.


 Recorder Club

The recorder club meet on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm until 4:20pm. Children`s learning is extended from the whole class learning; more notes are learnt and tempo and dynamics are introduced. The Recorder Club also perform twice a year at our music concerts.


Greenleaf choir meets every Monday during lunchtime. The choir performs at various venues during the Christmas period, both in school and in the community. This year, they sang at the Milton Road festivities, The Walthamstow Night Market, the mall and the school music concert. The choir sing many different songs ranging from pop classics to folk music from different countries.

Greenleaf Staff choir also come together to sing at the music concert in March.

 Guitar Club

Guitar club meet every Tuesday morning from 8am until 8:45am for our year 6 children. Children who enjoyed playing the ukulele can transfer their skills to learning a larger, more complex stringed instrument.

 Art Club and Craft Club

We have an Art club that meet once a week after school and a craft club that meet once a week during lunch time. Art club uses the children`s interests in a certain skill or topic to create different pieces. Each year group from year 1 to year 6 has the opportunity to take part in Art club.  


Knitting Club 

Knitting Club takes place every Monday with Ms Soulard and Ms Ford sharing their expertise. They are taking part in `The Big Knit` for Innocent Drinks to raise money for Age UK. Watch out for their miniature hats on one of your smoothies. 

Dance and Gymnastic Clubs

Our children are very lucky to have the wonderful Carly teaching them gymnastics. Children from year 2 onwards can attend gym club either before school or after, depending on which year group they are in. Our children learn a great deal from Carly and it is wonderful to see each child progress as they get older. Each year, all of the gym clubs put on a spectacular show to show their parents and the rest of the school all of the skills they have been learning.

We have street dance twice a week at Greenleaf where children learn different routines but also collaborate with each other to choreograph their own routines. Our children really enjoy this club and look forward to going each week.