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Greenleaf Primary School

Greenleaf Primary

Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School



Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting the Reception Page today.

The summer holidays are here and it's a time to relax, enjoy the weather (hopefully) and have lots of fun!

However, we are aware that as some restrictions on usual holiday activities continue to be in place, you may be indoors a lot more this year. So, you might use some of this time to do some extra Home Learning.

Here is a list of what you can do:

1. Your child has been given a pack to work on at home. It would be great if they could bring in their completed pack to show their Year 1 teacher in September.

2.We also have these activities for you to try:

Literacy - see the story links for booklets below.  They are different stories, designed to inspire and support children to develop skills and confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Max's Jungle Adventures

Mouse's Adventure

Rainy-day Rabbit

Art - Waltham Forest Arts Award Discover Pack

DT - 30 day Lego Summer challenge!


3.You can have a go at doing Mrs Qureshi's Summer Holiday Homework. CLICK HERE to access it. 

4.Continue to read with your child regularly. Bug Club can be accessed all over the summer. we will re-allocate many of the previous books to your child's account. We have found that children have loved re-reading previous books, especially the ones that they are now able to read really fluently-it really helps them realise how much they've grown as readers!

5.You can use the ongoing Pick and Mix activities in Sections 1-9 below. Some of the sections have links to websites where you can login and work at your child's pace and ability throughout the holidays (for example,Daily Phonics Sessions, Phonics Games,Letterjoin are some examples of ongoing learning in sections 1-9). 




Pick and Mix activities Sections 1-9



Letters and Sounds-this is a great webpage for you to learn about the different phases in phonics. It also has free printable resources and fun games to play online.

CLICK HERE for daily online Phonics sessions

There are lots of videos that you could watch with your child. You could revise Phase 2 and work on Phase 3 by watching the 'Reception' videos and move onto  watching Year 1 videos if your child is ready.

Phase 3 Word List

 Help your child read and spell these words. 


Other activities:

Activity Guide

Phase 3 Booklet

Phase 3 Phonics Guide

Phase 3 Picture Activity

Phase 3 Phonics Playdough Mat

Phase 3 Word Building Bricks

Phase 3 sound buttons


Click on each red grapheme to watch a video.

igh ar ow er ir ur ear air  oa ng ai oi ee oo(short) oo(long) qu ure oa

Watch Mr Thorne and Geraldine

Have Fun!




Phase 5 Word List

Help your child read and spell Phase 5 words. You have these in your pack.


 Click on each blue grapheme to watch a video.


 ie i-e  y    ay a-e    oe o-e ou oy ay ph ue






Other activities:

Phase 5 Booklet

Phase 5 Answer Booklet

Phase 5 Word Cards

Phonics Play-online games




2. Writing

You can use your Phase 3 , Phase 5 and Word lists to help your child to write their own sentences.

Also, look in this week's Parents Points to find out the writing task we would like them to do this week.



Linking Words

 These words and phrases can be used to write sentences and stories at home. Practise using the actions and also read and write them. Eventually, your child can use them to write stories.




You have your child's current handwriting patter sheet at home. We also went through the patter at Parents Consultation meetings.

If you need a recap, below are links to short videos for each of the letters.



Click on each orange letter for its patter.

a b c d e g h l m n o p r s t u v w y z




Handwriting Patter Sheet.

Instroke Handwriting Patter sheet.

Many of you are ready to join. Log into Letterjoin following the instructions here and practise joining your writing using the videos for the join you are ready to practise. HAVE FUN!



4. Maths

Week beginning 13.07.20




PRICE TAGS. (If you want to create your own shop in your house!!)



Week beginning 06.07.20

(Click on picture for doubles video)

Doubling powerpoint.  Doubles butterflies to 10. Dominoes doubling to 10. Dominoes doubling to 20.  Doubles addition cards.  Practical doubling at home ideas.

Online doubling game


Week beginning 29.06.20

Revision of teens numbers.

Place value Basketball Game.

Estimation powerpoint. Estimation chart. Estimation cards.

Week beginning 22.06.20

Watch the following video about tessellation. (Click on the picture to view the video)

Tessellation powerpoint.  Finding tessellating patterns around the house. Shapes to cut out to make tessellating patterns with. 

Some extra tessellating activities:

Tessellation biscuits.  Tessellating fish.  Tiling challenge.

Week beginning 15.06.20

Watch the following videos, about telling the time.  (Click on the pictures to view the videos)


How to make a paper clock face (1)  Making a clock face (2)

Time powerpoint

Telling the time sheets: o'clock    half past    quarter past

What I do during the day activity sheet


  week beginning 08.06.20

Capacity powerpoint  

Capacity activity 1     activity 2  activity 3

Practical measurements to do at home (fun practical ways of measuring length and capacity)

Length activity 1   activity 2



Investigating weight and other challenges

 Counting in 5s

Counting in 2s


The maths factory- Fun online number games

Topmarks-ordering and sequencing games

Mathschase- online games

Maths Worksheets- here are some more challenging printable worksheets

Adding Activities

Click on the picture to visit Oak National Academy

This is a good website to access online sessions in a range of subjects. There is usually a daily Maths lesson for Reception, with videos and activities. Feel free to browse into Year 1 lessons if your child wants more challenge than the Reception sessions offer.



Here are some fun activities to do at home (you have paper copies in your pack too):

Taking Away                    One more/ one less

Adding                             Problem Solving- sharing

Sharing                            Problem solving- Doubling

Halving                            Counting and ordering up to 20

 Doubling                        coin matching

All about 0                       All about 1              All about 2

All about 3                       All about 4              All about 5

All about 6                      All about 7              All about 8

All about 9                      All about 10

3d shape challenge   one more/ one less  

Fun maths dance and count video (Jack Hartmann)


5.Bug Club

Most of you have been using Bug Club regularly. We would now like EVERY CHILD to use it every day. 


CLICK HERE to get to the website 

Then login using the details below:

Username: ( your child's name)

Password: elm  or ash 

School ID:psjl



6. Word Walls

Word Walls 1-14

You can use these to learn to read and spell words any many words as you can. You have been given a copy with your child's current Word Wall highlighted.



7. Exercise

Here are lots of fun websites and activities for you to try.

Circus activities - click on the pictures to see acrobats, tightrope walking and a traditional circus!!


Cosmic kids yoga videos:  (Click on the pictures to see the videos)


Exercise ideas

Youth Sport Trust activities

PE Challenge


Visit our PE page for lots more ideas too!


8. Storytime  

Continue with sharing stories with your child, including reading to them at bedtime. 

The Book Trust have some wonderful online stories for audio or read-alone access.

Stories for Kids has some lovely stories too.

The Leopard's Drum


 Watch and enjoy at Storytime. It is linked to our Africa theme.


 Watch and enjoy at Storytime. This is a wonderful book by an author called Julia Donaldson. One of her other books will be our Literacy text in a few weeks. Can you find any other stories by Julia Donaldson online?


  Watch and enjoy at Storytime. This is Julia Donaldson. Click on her picture to hear another one of her stories. Keep looking for more online!



  Watch and enjoy at Storytime. Julia Donaldson's books are enjoyed all around the world. Click on the picture to hear Michelle Obama, a very famous lady who lives in America, reading 'The Gruffalo'.

Watch and enjoy at Storytime. Axel Scheffler is the illustrator for 'The Gruffalo'. He has also illustrated a book that is all about the coronavirus. Click on the picture to read an online version of the book, which has just been published this week!


   WHAT THE LADYBIRH HEARD (CLICK  on the picture to read)

This is our Literacy Book for the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Julia Donaldson singing the story!



 (A lovely child friendly story relating to social distancing - click on the picture to listen to the story)

  (A lovely circus related story - click on the link to hear the story being read)

(Click on the picture to hear this week's story!)

(Click on the picture to hear this week's story)

Oxford Owls

This is an excellent website, where you can download free books for your child to read !You just need to login HAVE FUN!





9. Other activities (Science, creative,  and more)



week beginning 13.07.20 - BOX OF TRICKS (see below for activities)

 (click on the picture to watch a magicians video) 


3D shape powerpoint. Cube net.  Cuboid net. Shape challenge cards.

week beginning 06.07.20 - THE CIRCUS (see below for activities)

Circus powerpoint   Circus posters  


week beginning 29.06.20 - THE CIRCUS (see below for activities)

Circus powerpoint     Circus word mat

Designing a Big Top       Make your own Big Top!


week beginning 15.06.20 - VERTEBRATES AND INVERTEBRATES WORK (see below for activities)

X Ray machine powerpoint

Making a straw skeleton      Other ideas for making skeletons

Labels for your straw skeleton

Sorting vertebrates and invertebrates activity



week beginning 08.06.20 - HABITATS WORK    (See below for activities)

Minibeast habitat powerpoint

Minibeast hunt activity

Minibeast habitat activity sheet

Creating a bug hotel



BBC Bitesize. This is a great website that covers lots of areas of learning. The KS1 (Key Stage 1) section has lots of lessons, activities and packs that Reception children would enjoy.


Espresso has lots of fun video clips, articles, games and resources. there is no login or password required. It can be accessed from the Homework page of the school website. 



Twinkl has lots of resources and activities for the early Years Foundation Stage. Twinkl is offering a free month of Ultimate Membership to parents and carers. Go to the website and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.


Busy Things

There are a great range of activities including research and writing activities. Log into pupil log ins have already been distributed. There is also a link on the front page of the Greenleaf web page.






STEM challenges. There are some amazing ideas for fun experiments for you to try at home. These are updated weekly and have different levels of difficulty. Pick and choose! Have Fun




FARM ANIMALS - Explore features of animals and compare with other animals , and humans too. 



WWF -Learn to Love Nature


Previous weekly Parent Points and activities .

WEEK BEGINNING 13th JULY.  DRAWING FRAME.  WRITING FRAME.BOX OF TRICKS STORY. (For Maths activities see money section in pick and mix maths (4).  For more Box of Tricks activities see this section saved in other activities (9).  There is also a summer lego challenge saved in section 9 too!  Finally, a new story has been added in storytime (8) - Mog the Forgetful Cat.)

WEEK BEGINNING 6th JULY.  QUESTION WORDS POWERPOINT. QUESTION WORDS IN SPEECH BUBBLES.  QUESTION WORDS POSTER.  BISCUIT BEAR WRITING FRAME. (For Maths activities see Doubling section in pick and mix Maths (4).  For circus activities see circus powerpoint from last week and circus posters saved (9).  Finally, there are some videos of gymnasts and circus performers in the exercise section (7), as well as a new story in storytime (8) - Too Shy for Show and Tell).


WEEK BEGINNING 29th JUNE. WORD MAT FOR BISCUIT BEAR. WRITING FRAME 1. WRITING FRAME 2. BISCUIT BEAR STORY. (For Maths activities see 'Revision of teens numbers' and Estimation in pick and mix Maths (4).  For circus activities see Circus section in other activities (9).  There is also a new story at the end of Storytime - Circus girl.  Finally, in the Pick and Mix exercise section (7) there are some Cosmic Kids yoga videos to try out!)

WEEK BEGINNING 22nd JUNE.  BAKING WRITING FRAME 1.   BAKING WRITING FRAME 2.  (choose which writing frame you would like to choose for your instructions - 1 or 2)  WORD MAT FOR COOKING.

The following photographs have video links under them, for making biscuits.  Use these to have a go at making some biscuits, as well as writing instructions for them!  (You can choose which biscuits you want to make!)
 (a fun song)   

(For maths activities see tessellation section in pick and mix Maths (4).  There is also a new story at the end of story time. (While We Can't Hug))

WEEK BEGINNING 15th JUNE. PAST AND PRESENT TENSE VERB IDEAS FOR REPORT.  WRITING FRAME FOR REPORT. (For maths activities see time section in pick and mix Maths (4), for invertebrate activities see invertebrate section in Pick and Mix other activities (9).  There is also a new story at the end of story time. (Kitchen Disco)

  (click on the picture to watch the children's news report)

WEEK BEGINNING 8th JUNE. WRITING FRAME AND TASK. WRITING PAPER 1. WRITING PAPER 2. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION. (For maths activities see capacity section in pick and mix Maths (4), for habitat activities see habitat section in Pick and Mix other activities (9). There is also a link to 'What the Ladybird Heard Next' at the bottom of the storytime section. (8))


Week beginning 25th May HALF TERM HOLIDAY ACTIVITY. Remember, just work at your child's level on this activity. Just a picture of a local building and a few sentences will be wonderful.




Week Beginning 27th April. FLOAT AND SINK.EXTRA CHALLENGE.

Week Beginning 20th April.

Easter Holiday Activities.

The Leopard's Drum story.

Week Beginning 23rd March.

Week Beginning 30th March.

Here are some videos to help you with lots of talk at home. Watching them in the correct order will help to layer your learning. HAVE FUN!

 Language and talk-based videos



CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Ali being a storyteller (video 3)


CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Hillson and Mrs Ali learning actions for storytelling (video 2)


CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Hillson reading the story (video 1)



CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Hillson and Mrs Ali showing you how you can 'hot-seat' a character at home.(video 4)

 CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Ali showing you how to do 'Talk-partners' at home. (video 3)

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Hillson being a storyteller(video2)

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mrs Ali reading  'The Leopard's Drum'(video 1)